The Great Reset: of the Not a Test, This is Not a Conspiracy

11 min readDec 13, 2020


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Stage 1 in progress

Since March 2020 when the Covid-19 lockdowns and business closures began, when unemployment started to spike, when the financial system was already failing but went unacknowledged, we have been in “Stage 1”.

The goal of stage one is simple: to clear the path for the future, and to determine the level of compliance and pushback from various populations.

MSM Accusations

There is a reason that mainstream media outlets are beginning to run pieces attempting to paint the Great Reset as yet another “conspiracy theory”. The fact is, the media are being dishonest by intentionally mixing details about the Great Reset with other, both probable and questionable conspiracies, to cause confusion via commingling with disinformation. Make no mistake — the World Economic Forum’s (“WEF”) Great Reset initative is very much a real and verifiable thing.

It has its own website for God’s sake.

The reason it’s coming up, of course, is that people are not stupid; they can read, and they can read between the lines. If people did not already learn how to discern bullshit from truth by watching the news media every day, we’d scarcely have a functioning society. But the last thing they want us doing is ruminating on what implementing the Great Reset would actually mean for us all. No, they can’t have that. Just blindly repeat the talking points, like almost all of the statements that come from the media, practically in unison.

The primary reason people are now talking about the Great Reset with more frequency is because it appears to be moving past the status of merely being a pipe dream of the elites, and is starting to insert itself into actual reality.

Previously, it had teeth, but was kept safely away from us, particularly in America. Now, unfortunately, this initiative has both teeth and legs, and it is running full-speed.

The new danger we are now seeing is the individuals involved: Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau, and organizations like the IMF and the UN, and many others that actually hold positions of power and authority, able to invoke and enforce these changes. The primary underlying ideas have been floating around in the elite circles for years, but nobody cared, so hardly anyone bothered discussing it.

This is a very vulnerable time for the world. These are the times when radical agendas are pushed forward.

What it is

The best way to get the general ‘feel’ of what the WEF is hoping to accomplish with it’s cast of world leaders, is to read this article (this is the original version on Forbes, before they recently re-titled it), entitled “Welcome to 2030. I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy, And Life Has Never Been Better”:

Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better
Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city — or should I say, “our city.” I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I…

The way the WEF describes the Great Reset is a ‘rethinking’ of capitalism, specifically the kind in the western world, to move toward sustainability, clean energy, and equality. They want to leverage the new technologies of what they refer to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” in combination with private industry to accomplish these goals.

Just so you understand where I’m coming from — my children are vaccinated, I’m not anti-environment or anti-science, I would not be considered a ‘Trumper’ though I do have concerns about this election. And let’s face it: we all have doubts about who killed JFK.

I don’t think the virus is fake, but I do very much think the amount of hysteria that has been whipped up in the government response is overblown and intentionally damaging to both our economy, and our psychological health.

I say this because, as someone who leans left and would likely be grouped in with Liberal Democrats, reading the WEF’s Great Reset documentation alone may set off a few alarm bells, but for the most part I tend to agree with many of the goals. The methods and the desired end result however, are a different story.

How they want to do it

They are aiming to change both capitalism and the social contract, and they admit as much. They want to enforce a sustainable economy, increasing the idea of re-using items and recycling virtually all materials.

They claim to be addressing greed and the sole goal of corporate profitability. They are aiming for equal outcome, not equal opportunity. They are looking to effectively remove borders, have an agreed-upon governance model for the whole world, and implement digital IDs with our health and banking information for “financial inclusion“, and ultimately moving us toward a cashless society with one global currency.

So as to the individual aspects, I suspect many of us are in agreement — but the methodology being sought, fully centralized control from the top down, should be the biggest red flag you’ve ever seen.

Going back to normal?

The elites keep repeating “we cannot go back to how things were before”. They correctly identify that many problems existed in the current systems, even if it was primarily the financial system that was failing. However, their ideas center around major changes in literally all areas of life and society.

Unless and until they’re able to successfully implement some of the changes they’re hoping for, I wouldn’t hold your breath for things to improve.

In other words, treat this present moment as stasis — you’re already in the new normal.

At least, until they come to the rescue.

Who benefits?

I feel it’s important to clarify upfront that the Great Reset is not for you. In fact it could be said that it’s not for individuals at all — but rather for the collective. It is not some magic reset of your debts; it is not a global Jubilee. If it turns out to be, I can guarantee that the tradeoff of losing everything else in your life would not be worth wiping away your debts. There is already significant, legitimate concern that you will be losing quite a lot if this Great Reset continues to move forward unabated and unopposed.

Many people are crying wolf for what could be the last time. Several huge initiatives and technologies are converging directly onto our way of life, and all but the most insane among us have reason to push back and fight against it — no matter how many feel-good nouns, verbs and adjectives are used. The reality of what the elites want can be seen when reading between the lines about the Great Reset.

Just be aware that temendous change is about to forced upon our society and the world, unless there is significant cooperation against it.


The themes that are driving the WEF and the global elites are the convergence of problems with the financial system, powerful technical innovations, and facing the issue of a failing “Infinite Growth Paradigm”.

What’s really happening from a financial standpoint is the end of the fiat currency system — with central banks throwing their hands up at their lack of control over the real economy and stagnant economic activity as the Ponzi scheme comes to an end. This is obviously happening at a time when we seem to need more money than ever, historically speaking, just to try to get out of this mess.

The Infinite Growth Paradigm has hit a wall, now that all borders are known, many resources already exploited, and China is the only place left that looks promising, and they’ve been cooking their books. The elites have quite frankly run out of valuable things to exploit.

A quote from ZeroHedge:

“…the elites got too greedy and overshot the economy’s ability to sustain their rapidly expanding share of the income and wealth.”

All this, at a time when the world has monumental, exponentially increasing inequality, and with technologies on the horizon that could put tremendous power into the hands of individuals, the prospect of which is likely scaring the elites to death.

In the meantime, fear

No one alive today has been through the explosion of a global, sovereign debt bubble. Congratulations, you’re going to see it firsthand, and you’re already seeing it come to pass.

The WEF and many world leaders are openly utilizing the COVID-19 crisis and the ensuing, ongoing hysteria as a reason, an excuse, to usher in virtually all aspects of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, which will amount to a future of severe data inequality, and our complete dependence on that data.

Unfortunately, they are going to keep us in this continual state of new waves of the virus, increased “infection” counts (but don’t ask about deaths!), and being locked down; they are going to continue encouraging us to do things online instead of in person, more people will lose their jobs and people will not find new jobs; the government will start instituting some thing like a UBI (Universal Basic Income) which will be conditional, and then once they can vaccinate everyone and attach that to your new Digital ID/passport, and institute the next phase of changes they have in mind for the Great Reset initiative, it will not go back to normal.

A continuum of fear, whether through continued lockdowns from overblown virus dangers, or other social and financial restrictions due to whatever the next emergency will be, is their current playbook.

One could almost guarantee that some new danger will emerge almost immediately — under the guise of 2020 just being a string of bad luck. Whatever it takes to keep us sufficiently scared and in line. This is the game right now, and multiple powerful world leaders are unfortunately on board.

You’re supposed to be terrified right now, in case you were unaware.

Are you ready for the changes? Do you even know what these desired changes are? Take the time to educate yourself.

Stepping back and thinking about it

Do we really feel that one fairly minor virus almost completely destroyed Western civilization and modernity? Or was the vast majority of the damage done by the hysteric government response to what was largely a non-threat?

Do we really believe that being locked down for so long was necessary at this point?

Do any of us believe that it would be “impossible” to have life go back to how it was before? I would argue for that for those who are still working, life already is back to normal. The only thing that’s NOT normal is that people are prevented from going to work, many companies have failed, and people have lost their jobs largely because of the government’s actions.

With such a low death rate and primarily only older individuals being threatened, do you really feel that nothing can go back to normal until there is a vaccination? How close to normal will it get back to if most do get vaccinated? I can already tell you they still want you to wear a mask. COVID isn’t going anywhere because they’re not going to let it go anywhere.


Do we still need societal changes? I’d argue yes, but that is for each country to decide and handle itself, not from the top down. Can we improve? Of course. Will we improve? In America, probably not by the hand of coercion, that’s not how we roll.

Their goal is to “Build Back Better”, which unfortunately means destroying the current structures and systems of society first.

The IMF is calling for a “new Bretton Woods moment” and is now telling us that we must find a way to deal with the significant indebtedness of the nations of the world. When you consider their gigantic plans and social programs they want to put into place, however, it is clear that the agreement to be made is for all of the nations to print a lot more money and go into a lot more debt, and likely use the IMF as the global central bank.

The mass hysteria surrounding Covid and the attempts to control it had most certainly been worse than what the virus would have brought on its own at this point. And they have every plan and intention to continue such actions — until all small and medium businesses are systematically destroyed, and all lower and middle-class citizens are destitute, apart from whatever their loving government will give to them. It will be a continual wave of forced hysteria to keep us in a state of fight or flight via the TV and Internet.

Globalists will gladly ride the wave of Socialism becoming more popular and palatable, however, what people will ultimately receive as the end product of the actions of the elite will likely not resemble what they were hoping for. But this Socialist wave will enable the globalist overlords to sell it to those who are wont to analyze or question the means of getting there.

And those who are capitalists at their core, these changes will not make them happy either — unless they’re at the absolute top of the food chain.


This “Great Reset“ will be nothing more than Corporate Technocratic Socialism complete with a rat race to get your rations.

It frankly sounds terrifying to me. I encourage people to not only read about it, but consider what methods will be needed to actually accomplish their goals, and what it will end up looking like in the end, even if they partially succeed.

We certainly do have significant problems today, many of which the Great Reset claims it will attempt to correct. However their methods of doing so ultimately involves taking away human agency.

In the end, this isn’t much more than the absolute wealthiest individuals in the world likely acknowledging their mortality, as well as the condition of the planet. If there wasn’t potential promise for them to live longer into the future through science and medicine, they wouldn’t give a shit, just as they haven’t thus far. It’s always been the next generation’s problem.

But now we are supposed to believe that the governments of the world and all the corporate CEOs suddenly care — and because of this hellish world they have made, they’re going to come in with all the solutions to society’s ills?

Of course we cannot trust them.

Before we take direction from a globalist marriage of the corporate elite and government leadership, we must remember how this world got into a mess in the first place.

The Great Reset is being enacted to address threats in just about every area, every sector, virtually every neighborhood. The wealthy have their riches, they cannot afford to lose one penny; they are collectively agreeing to the methods to stop potential future instability, and get everything — and I mean everything — under tight control.

The 1% have been inching ever-closer to owning virtually all of the world’s wealth and property. Their last remaining step is to take the rest of everything we own, and have us rent it back from them in a circular, socialist economy where we own nothing.

The Government is aiming for complete obedience, and complete dependence of the population.

Freedom itself is at stake, whether you are a Republican or Democrat or anything in between. The world they want is not compatible with Democracy, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of travel, even freedom of thought.

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